How Denture Repairs Proceed

This, briefly, is how denture repairs procedures work. The denture repair wilsonville work is carried out by utilizing several steps. During the first step, the busted denture needs to be realigned. During the next step, support and retention of said dentures is sought. Further than that, a cast impression still needs to be created. Then the denture impression cast needs to be set up. Finally, after the cast has been prepared, the broken denture will be fixed.

When broken dentures are realigned, denture adhesives are required. These usually come in powder and paste form. They are being utilised to keep dentures in place.  When repaired dentures need to be installed for the first time, they need to be held in place. The methods used by the dentist will be dependent on the extent of the damage and the denture adhesive being utilised. When the repaired denture is firm, a small amount of plaster will be applied.

This goes to the tissue side of the fractured area. During the setting stage, the dentures need to be removed carefully. During this careful removal, a laboratory knife will be utilized. Everything needs to be precise because should the cast break during removal, it will result in the entire denture repair process being repeated. But assume always the best. The successful removal of the cast. Once removed, the cast will be trimmed with a model trimmer.

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Any further trimming with the abovementioned knife is to make sure that the repaired dentures will fit in place securely. During removal processes, all residue from dentures needs to be removed. The dental technologist will be utilizing an acrylic bur for this purpose. This has just been a brief overview of how dental repair work will proceed. Your dentist will fill you in on all details.